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June Fishing Update

40LB Tarpon

Big Fish Of The Month

40LB Tarpon

30”+ Snook

Honorable Mention

10LB+ Snook


STX Fishing Report

As St. Croix’s Premier Inshore Experience, we offer Kayak Fishing, Fly Fishing, Beach Fishing, and Eco-Tours across the islands’ stunning Flats, Mangroves, and Beaches. We’ve guided hundreds of clients from first timers and families to world travelled anglers and will work with you to create a memorable trip! We were named after our passion for targeting the four most elusive Inshore Gamefish in the Atlantic, which we’ve dubbed the Silver Kings of the Flats:

The Silver Kings:

Tarpon | Bonefish | Snook | Permit

In addition to incredible fishing, St. Croix is also home to a plethora of wildlife that lives and feeds alongs its coasts and mangrove lagoons. Spending a morning or afternoon exploring some of St. Croix’s most picturesque bays and cays is sure to leaving you with lasting memories! And did we mention that we’ve seen over 1,000 turtles in the past year alone?!

Coastal Wildlife:

Sea Turtles | Eagle Rays | Baby Sharks | Iguanas

Starfish | Egrets | Osprey | Juvenile Fish

Plan Your Next Adventure!

Calm Sea
  • What Should I Bring?
    Water Shoes/Dive Boots/Crocs (Closed-toed, Rubber/Hard Soles are recommend for Wading the Flats and Fishing Corals) Hat & Sunglasses (Polarized lenses are highly recommend for fishing trips) Quick Dry Shirt (PFGs/Sunblockers/Swimshirts/Long Sleeves are recommended for Sunny Days or longer trips) Quick Dry Shorts/Pants/Bathing Suits Sports Drinks/Sodas/Beverages (We Provide a Cooler with Ice & Bottled Waters) Snacks / Lunch (For longer trips or hungry folks) Beach Towel (for the ride home) We recommend leaving valuables and excess jewelry at home so you do not lose it!
  • What Payments Do You Accept?
    Cash or Check is Preferred, but we can also take Venmo, Zelle or Paypal. All payments are collected at the conclusion of the Trip. No Deposit is Required to book your trip.
  • Are There Any Weight or Height Restrictions for the Kayaks?
    We adhere to Hobie’s strict weight limits to ensure the safety of all guests. Hobie kayaks have a maximum seat weight capacity of 270lbs. Tandem 2-person kayaks have a maximum combined weight of 425lbs There are no set height restrictions. Hobie Pedal Drives have 7 leg length options and can accommodate most people. Any questions about weight or height limits, please give us a call or contact us through our website and we will work with you to determine the best options!
  • What Are Hobie Pedal Drive Kayaks?
    Hobie revolutionized the kayak industry with their creation of the MirageDrive, a foot powered propulsion system that allows you to travel further and faster using just your legs. Hobie uses a patented Pedal-Drive system that is attached to two-fins located underneath the Kayak and a rudder at the rear. With a few pumps of your legs, and a twist of a knob, these kayaks can achieve an incredible 3-4knots and turn 360degrees with ease. Our 2023 Hobie kayaks come standard with Premium Sit On Top Mesh Seats, Forward/Reverse Mirage Pedal Drives, Kick-Up Fins, Built in Rod Holders and Dry Storage Compartments.
  • Do I Need to Sign A Waiver?
    Yes, we are required by our Insurance to have all participants sign a Waiver before the trip. We provide Waivers for signature upon meeting you at the Boat Ramp. At Silver Kings Kayak Charters we take safety as our highest priority and have invested in top of the line safety equipment and technology. Silver Kings Kayak Charters is a Fully Insured & Licensed Company.
  • What is your Cancellation Policy?
    We understand your plans may change, however, for our operations to run smoothly we require at least 48 Hours notice for Cancellations without cause. If you need to cancel your Tour please let us know as soon as possible so we can re-open your saved timeslot. All Tours cancelled within 48hours without cause will be allowed to reschedule their tour to a future date at no change fee. Tours not rescheduled and canceled within 48hours will be charged 50% of the Tour costs.
  • How do Kayak Fishing Trips work if I am interested in Fly Fishing?
    For Fly Fishing trips we typically use the Kayaks purely as a mode of transportation between the Boat Ramp and our Flats and offshore Cays. While possible to fly fish from the kayak itself, we find the best success by beaching the kayaks and getting out on foot to hunt for Tarpon, Bonefish, Permit, Snook and much more!
  • What Fishing Equipment Do You Provide?
    We have put together a great combination of both Spinning and Fly Rod setups from Shimano, St. Croix, Diawa, Okuma, TFO, Orvis, and Silver Hook. Spinning Tackle: We have several custom ordered spinning rod and reel set-ups ranging from Medium Light to Extra Heavy to ensure you have the best set ups for your target species! Additionally we have a wide variety of Lures, Jigs, and Bait rig set-ups which allows us to adapt to what the fish are eating! Fly Tackle: We currently have three Fly Rods available for use: A TFO 8Wt & 9Wt as well as a St. Croix 10Wt both spooled with premium line and RIO inshore leaders. We also have a custom tested selection of Flies which allows us to “match the hatch” no matter which baitfish our inshore species are feeding on. Can I Bring My Own Gear? Of course! For some folks, there is nothing better than using your own favorite rod & reel to catch that Trophy Fish! If interested in bringing your own Spin or Fly Gear, let us know when completing your trip reservation and we can help advise you on the proper set-ups to maximize your catching potential!
  • Does St. Croix Have Good Fishing?
    St. Croix and the Virgin Islands are a hidden fishing gem with over 21 IGFA world records set to date and counting. While most known for its Offshore Fishing, St. Croix's combination of Mangrove Lagoons, Seagrass & Sand Flats, Cliffs, Beaches, and near-shore Drop-Offs makes for an exciting year-round inshore fishery. The question here on St. Croix isn't are there fish around, but rather where on Island are they feeding today. The Four Silver Kings of St. Croix: Tarpon: The Tarpon fishery on St. Croix is arguably the healthiest fishery here. While the Virgin Islands don't get many of the large migratory females (100lbs+), St. Croix has a year round residency of non-migratory fish spread across its Flats and Mangrove Lagoons. Tarpon here range from 5lbs to 100lbs with the average coming in around 40Lbs. The Tarpon's signature Roll and aggressive feeding tactics make them an incredible sight-casting challenge. They can be caught on Live Bait, Cut Bait, or a well placed Lure/Fly. When in a feeding frenzy, they'll strike just about anything placed in front of them. Bonefish: St. Croix was once considered to have the best bonefishing in the world in the 1960s before netting and industrialization caused the population's near extinction. Luckily in 2004, Bonefish were reclassified as catch-and-release only and their numbers have been increasing ever since! What St. Croix still lacks in sheer numbers, it makes up for in Size. St. Croix Bonefish range from 2lbs - 12lbs+, with most fish coming in between 4-8Lbs. The size of our Bonefish here shouldn't come as a surprise, however, for the locals know them by another name—the Crucian name: The Ten Pounder. Snook: The Largemouth's bigger, stronger and saltier cousin, Snook are one of the smartest fish one will find on St. Croix. A local delicacy, these fish have learned to avoid Cut Bait, instead they favor Live Bait, well placed Jigs, Swimbaits, and Rapalas. Most Snook here can be found along beaches with sharp drop-offs or tucked up against submerged structure. Looking for "chocolate milk" colored water is often the best way to find the highest density of Snook and if you do, don't be surprised if you catch a fish pushing 36" Permit: Arguably the Holy Grail of Inshore Fishing, Permit can be found across a couple specific bays in St. Croix. What the Island lacks in numbers, it makes up for in Size. With Permit pushing over 3ft, if you find them you'll have a great shot at hooking into a monster! They can be caught on Squid, Crabs, Urchins, Jigs and Flies. Similar to Bonefish, Permit can be spotted with their Fins poking out of the water while they hunt on the Seagrass Flats.
  • What is Inshore Fishing?
    Saltwater fishing is typically defined as either Inshore or Offshore with the name explaining where the fishing takes place. Inshore fishing revolves around Grass Flats, Beaches, Coral Reefs, Mangroves, and Rock Structures in shallow waters. The most sought after Inshore Gamefish are Bonefish, Tarpon, Permit, Snook, Snapper and Jack Crevalle. Inshore fishing is often considered more interactive than Offshore fishing as it revolves less around trolling and more around sight-fishing and making casts to structure. For those used to freshwater fishing, inshore will feel more familiar as many of the fish we target act similar to Bass, Trout and Pike.
  • How Do You Fish In A Kayak?
    Hobie Kayaks are built as an incredible alternative to traditional inshore flats boats. The multi-position seat allows for an elevated sitting platform, built-in rods holders are great for trolling, and the EVA deck padding, once you get your sea legs, provides great grip for standing and casting. Your Guide is there to coach you through fighting the fish and will land it for you. Additionally the Kayaks are not our only fishing platform. Flats fishing is synonymous with Wading and Sight-Casting and St. Croix is no different. For Bonefish and Permit, getting out of the Kayak and stalking the flats is often the most rewarding strategy.
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