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Environmental Initiatives

Silver Kings was founded on the principle of ensuring the health of St. Croix's unique Inshore Ecosystem for generations to come. As such, we have made a number of efforts to reduce our operations environmental footprint and impact!

Catch a King Campaign 

Image by Muhammadh Saamy

Restoration Partnerships

We are working with multiple organizations in the USVI to advise and provide assistance to restoration initiatives across the territory's Reefs, Beaches, and Lagoons. Through our partners we hope to launch our Catch a King Campaign, where we will work with local stakeholders to plant new mangroves, corals, and turtle grasses for each Silver King our clients catch. We are looking to launch this exciting initiative within our First Year as we believe in doing our part to ensure St. Croix's inshore ecosystems for generations to come. 

67% Reduction in Hooks Used

No More Treble Hooks!

We have worked tediously to replace every Treble Hook on all of our artificial lures and baits. In their place we put on VMC Inline Single Hooks. This change has increased our catch rates while decreasing the number of punctures our Silver Kings get when caught. It's a Win-Win all around! Say Goodbye to Treble Hooks Forever with Silver Kings

Green Energy Turbines

97-99% Reduction in CO2 per Trip

Carbon Footprint Mitigation

A traditional Fishing Charter boat releases between 1,250 and 3,000lbs of CO2 into the atmosphere each trip! At Silver Kings we are redefining how fishing trips should look in the 21st Century. As all of our Kayaks are 100% human powered, our trips only carbon emission comes from our Vehicle. At just 40lbs of CO2 per trip, we have reduced an average Trip's Carbon Impact by 97-99%! 

The Largest Database of Inshore Fish Catches in the USVI

Creating the Research Case

There is very little known about St. Croix's Inshore Fishery apart from those who have fished it themselves. As such, we created in-house the first ever Inshore Fisheries database in the US Virgin Islands. We have already collected and analyzed data on nearly 500 inshore gamefish caught over the past decade and are excited to add the fish our clients catch to create the case for additional Research on  the Island's unique Inshore Fishery 

Image by Sebastian Pena Lambarri
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