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Meet the Bonefish of St. Croix

Average Size: 5LBS

Due to a variety of factors, Bonefish here grow faster and bigger  than  other Caribbean fisheries. Most Bonefish in St. Croix range from 2 - 8LBS. The largest Bonefish caught in St. Croix is estimated to be around 12lbs. 


Clocking in at a blistering 40mph, Bonefish are the Torpedo’s of the Flats. Coming in as the  7th Fastest Fish in the World, there’s a reason these fish are one of the most sought after gamefish in the world!

School Size: 1 - 12

Smaller bonefish tend to be found in bigger groups, but once a fish hits 4-5lbs, it will typically school in small groups or become solitary.. During very calm, clear days, Bonefish of all sizes  will school up into larger groups of 20 - 200  individuals. 

Crucian Bonefish By The Numbers:

Bonefish of St. Croix

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